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The project aims at providing online and offline tools that will enable students to develop the intercultural competence needed in a multicultural PBL learning environment.

About the project

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In a PBL setting, students learn together as they solve problems. As classrooms become more multicultural, it produces challenges related to intercultural communications. Hence students tend to cluster with other students from the same cultural background. This makes it challenging for cross-exchange of knowledge across cultures when learning and it also robs the student of the needed intercultural competence required to operate in multicultural working environments.

To solve this problem, PISH will arm teachers with the aforementioned tools with which they could use to promote intercultural communication challenges in a PBL environment. Such tools will aid in “breaking the ice” and promote intercultural awareness and attitude in PNL groups. The developed attitude will provide a middle ground for cross-cultural engagement, empathy as well as competencies to bring the best out of each other. The project is a three-year project and ends in 2023.

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